Jane Sutherland’s studio

Grosvenor Chambers, 9 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

“Studio of Jane Sutherland, an Australian landscape painter who was part of the pioneering plein-air movement in Australia, and a member of the Heidelberg School. Her advocacy to advance the professional standing of female artists during the late nineteenth century was also a notable achievement.”1

“Like her close friend, Clara Southern, she was a woman of considerable conviction, a leader and pioneer of the plein-air movement, who sought to advance the professional standing of women artists. She was one of the first women members of the Buonarotti Society, and was elected to the Society on 24 July 1884. She was also one of the first two women to be elected a Councillor of the Victorian Artists’ Society, this occurring in 1900. The other elected woman councillor in 1900, was May Vale.

From 1888, she shared a studio for several years with Clara Southern and Jane Price in Grosvenor Chambers, 9 Collins Street, Melbourne, and the three artists worked closely together and often painted plein-air together at various sites around Melbourne. She also painted plein-air with Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin and Walter Withers at Heidelberg, Eaglemont, Templestowe and Box Hill, and was considered the leading woman artist of the Heidelberg School.”2

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