The Lying-In Hospital

132 Grattan Street, Carlton 3053

was the original site of the Melbourne Lying-In Hospital and Infirmary for Diseases of Women and Children, Australia’s first specialist women’s hospital. The hospital was located here from 1858 until 2008 and is now known as the Royal Melbourne Women’s Hospital.

The hospital’s establishment was achieved by a committee of women, led by Mrs Frances Perry, the wife of the then Anglican bishop of Melbourne, and two doctors, Dr Richard Tracy and Dr John Maund.

From the outset, the Women’s aimed to lead in setting standards for medical and nursing care, becoming the first Australian hospital to train nurses in the late 1850s and to teach obstetrics and gynaecology to medical students (1865).

The building now houses the Tracy Maund Historical Collection of artifacts relating to the establishment and ongoing practice of the hospital.

Royal  Melbourne Women’s Hospital: Our History