Winnie Quagliotti – DDACSL

64 Stud Road, Dandenong 3175

“Aunty Winnie Quagliotti (née Terrick) was a prominent Wurundjeri Elder who fought for the needs of the Aboriginal community in Dandenong. Also known by her traditional name ‘Narrandjeri’, she spoke resolutely of the need to preserve cultural heritage in Victoria and was admired for her pragmatic solutions to the issues affecting her people.”1

“She moved to Doveton with her second husband Paul Quagliotti in 1968, and two years later worked with her brother Johnny Terrick and Walda to form the Dandenong and District Aborigines Co-operative Ltd (DDACSL).

Winnie, also known by her traditional name Narrandjeri, was the organisation’s first chairperson and held the position until a stroke claimed her life in 1988.

During the 1980s, as the DDACSL expanded, she was instrumental in developing several family support programs including the Burrai Child Care Centre – one of the first multi-functional Aboriginal childcare centres – and the Aboriginal Family Aid Support Unit.”2

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